about quantik

Thank you for visiting Quantik.org, the website dealing with a broad range of Risk topics. Let me briefly introduce the purpose of this website and the content that you can reach through this platform.


Why Quantik.org

I am often surprised how people can have a complete misconception about Risk Management by not perceiving - sometimes - the effectiveness of this profession, or the challenging and diversified aspects of this discipline.

For fun, I sometimes spend little time on clarifying a few Risk topics that tend to be very discussed in the modern literature but can remain unclear, at least from a practical point of view. I think that sharing my views on those topics could hypothetically be in the interest of a few. This is what I want to achieve through Quantik.org; giving a taste for Risk topics to people with little knowledge of Risk Management.


What you will find in this website…

This platform is structured around four main areas: The Working Paper tab, the Download Center tab, the Newsletters tab, and the Blog.

  • Working Paper: Section dedicated to several reviews about different Risk topics;
  • Download Center: Basic Risk Management pricing tools mostly built thanks to Microsoft Excel;
  • Newsletters: Monthly newsletters about Risk hot topics;
  • Blog: A light-hearted look at some other Risk matters.


…and what you will not.

As I already mentioned, the purpose of this website is to make people enjoying the Risk Management discipline, I will then not go through complex econometric analyses or advanced Risk pricing tools, this is definitely not the purpose of Quantik.org.


I hope you will appreciate Quantik.org, feel free to comment any Section of this website or to contact me via the Contact tab.





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