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Deriscope™ is a free Excel Add-In specializing in financial derivatives valuation. Its main innovative feature is an integrated wizard - the first of its kind in the financial industry - that helps you create spreadsheets with real time data (stock and fx live quotes) that deal with the pricing and risk management of diverse types of derivatives such as options, interest rate swaps, swaptions, credit default swaps, inflation swaps, basket options, etc. is the world's leading source of in-depth news and analysis on risk management, derivatives and regulation.

Does the impact of exchange-traded funds flows on commodities prices involve stockpiling as a signature? An empirical investigation (Wed, 23 May 2018)
This paper examines the relation between the flows into the three main commodity index exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and the prices, inventory and term structure of four energy and twelve US-traded agricultural contracts.
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EU parliament’s moratorium plan billed ‘recipe for bank run’ (Wed, 23 May 2018)
Proposal allows pre-resolution stay as well as one during resolution provided bank reopens in between
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Duelling repack platforms find common ground (Wed, 23 May 2018)
Standard documentation initiative mulls shared SPV model as founders seek to join rival
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ALM and liquidity risk reporting greatly enhanced by big data applications (Wed, 23 May 2018)
IBM talks to about how asset and liability management and liquidity risk stand to benefit greatly from big data applications
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IBM and Promontory on stress testing – A valuable exercise making its way in the world of regtech (Wed, 23 May 2018)
The past 10 years have seen stress testing take centre stage as a methodology for regulators to assess the soundness of their respective institutions. Stress testing is made even more interesting by the larger context of regtech in which it now finds itself. IBM talks to about the challenges and opportunities involved.
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