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Doyne Farmer’s next big adventure: capturing the universe (Thu, 04 Jun 2020)
Quant fund pioneer plans to build an economic super-simulator on a global scale
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FX traders sound alarm on tagging ‘abuse’ (Thu, 04 Jun 2020)
Front running and tag refreshing concerns abound on semi-anonymous trading platforms
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Cash flood expanded systemic footprint of top US banks (Thu, 04 Jun 2020)
Intra-system liabilities up 26% in Q1
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Corporate loan default risk spiked at US G-Sibs in Q1 (Thu, 04 Jun 2020)
Median probability of default increases 17bp to 1.39% on the quarter
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An empirical evaluation of large dynamic covariance models in portfolio value-at-risk estimation (Thu, 04 Jun 2020)
This research develops a framework adopting conditional covariance modeling combined with various de-noising methods to estimate the portfolio VaR and proves the importance of DCC over the sample rolling method widely used in the industry.
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